Healing from Glyphosate Poisoning (Glyphosate Toxicity)


I was exposed to Glyphosate in 2017 and suffered debilitating symptoms. I have been steadily recovering and repairing the damage with this protocol that I now share with you. 


My Story

The field behind my house got sprayed with roundup in the spring of 2017 as the first stage of the housing development bordering my property. My neighbor said she saw the field had been sprayed and that the plants had turned white and died. I called the developer’s project manager and he said if someone sprayed, it was a contractor and he didn’t know and it wasn’t his responsibility. I asked if he could find out because I was feeling sick and my pets were getting sick. It took until August 1st to get the information after many calls and emails.  


The field had been sprayed with roundup (glyphosate) which had been mixed with two carrier oils. Because of the added oils, the roundup was sticking to my property and we were getting constantly re-exposed. It was going into our bodies through the skin and doing damage to the heme and chlorophyll pathways. Like it did to the plants in the field, it was robbing oxygen and stopping chlorophyll photosynthesis in our bodies.


This effects our bodies in many ways: oxygen production, blood production, it sticks in the tissues and causes damage as it travels, where it accumulates, and where it settles. I had problems breathing, tons of joint pain, burning abdominal and back pain, muscle spasms and rigidity, nausea, vomiting, no energy, low appetite, dehydration, trouble sleeping, weakness, rashes, black spots breaking out all over my skin, other skin discolorations, my skin went from being smooth to being pitted, scaly and discolored, extreme histamine reaction. I became allergic to foods and airborne pollutants that had never bothered me before.


After August 1 when I got the chemical breakdown of the spray, I was able to identify what was happening and start a protocol to keep my body bonding oxygen to my blood and repairing the chlorophyll pathway. I have had a lot of success getting the glyphosate out of my body and repairing the damage.


So I am writing it down for anyone who may have been or still is affected by the overspray in my old neighborhood, and for anyone else who has been exposed. I know how devastating it can be!


I hope this protocol helps you. I’ve tried to make it clear and simple. Please email if you have any questions.


Liesa Estrada,

Certified Massage Therapist, Certified in Applied Kinesiologist, Colon Hydrotherapist


February, 2019



Glyphosate Protocol Summary

When roundup is applied to plants it robs them of oxygen, causing death, by disrupting the pathways that the tissues use to thrive. The same thing happens to human tissue when it is exposed to roundups harmful chemicals particularly glyphosate.  Glyphosate alters the hemoglobin molecules and the chlorophyl modules in the body, blocking their function, preventing the oxygenation of the blood in that tissue area, causing tissue damage. 

Glyphosate is an altered glycine molecule. Glycine bonds iron to the blood and form hemoglobin which is oxygenated blood. Where ever the glyphosate settles in your body your tissues are going to be at risk or causing problems.

This is the protocol that worked for me. It is targets a few areas:

Hemoglobin - for supporting red blood cells which deliver oxygen to the body.

Chlorophyl - for helping support overall oxygenation.

Probiotics - Beneficial bacteria supporting the gut, healthy absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

Hydration, Electrolytes and Water - Supporting overall hydration which supports transport of nutrients and systems in the body.

Healthy Fats - General wellness and hormone support.

Nerve Repair - Repairing nerve coating from glyphosate exposure

Hystemine Protocol - to address histamine inflammation response caused by reactions to glyphosate and other allergens. 




For red blood cells – deliver oxygen and nutrition to the body


Iron bisglycinate - 2 capsules – 3x/day —make sure it is far enough away from any medications you are taking (Solgar Gentle Iron)

glycine - 1- 500 mg capsule – 3x/day

Vitamin B 100 complex - 1 capsule in the morning with food (Solaray Mega B-Stress)

L-tyrosine - 2 – 500mg capsules – 2x/day

PharmaGABA - 1 – 100mg capsule – 1x/day

DHEA  - 2 - 100 mg capsules – 2x/day – for mood and to regulate hormones and weight


If the above doesn’t help all the symptoms, you can increase all of them to 3 capsules – 3x/day. If that helps but you still have some symptoms, you can add one at a time (until your energy returns and mood improves and sleep returns):


L-tryptophan 1 – 500mg capsule at bedtime – for sleep

Melatonin 3 gm and increase as needed – for sleep

5HTP if doing all the above and mood is still low




Citrus - Lemon juice in water or orange juice – 1x/day

ChlorOxygen - 10 drops – 1x/day in liquid

Magnesium Glycinate - 1 – 100 mg capsule 1x/day

L-Glutamine - 1 - 1000mg capsule or powder 2x/day


Take all together 1 x/day.

Then 1 additional time, take the l-glutamine.

If your symptoms are severe, take all together up to 4 x/day. (At some point the magnesium will start to make your stools loose. When that happens, back off on the magnesium and but keep taking everything else.)


As an example, I had severe burning sensation in my back. I increased the number of times a day I took these supplements and the pain the went away. Then I went back to one time a day. Then I noticed that my left hip had pain and would not stay in alignment and was keeping me awake, so I increased to 3x/day and within a few days it went away so I went back to one x/day. Then I noticed that I was getting the same pain on the left side of my lower back and ribs so I increased to 3x/day, until the pain went away and I went back to 1x/day. It was obviously moving around as it was on its way out of my body and it is still happening to me!


In order for this to work, you need to be able to eliminate the glyphosate and replace the nutrients that leave the body along with it. It won’t work unless you take the right probiotic and the electrolytes and the nutrients also!



Probiotic* (Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra) – start slowly on this schedule:

Day 1 - 1capsule – 1x/day


Day 2 – 1 capsule – 2x/day


Day 3 – 1 capsule – 3x/day


Day 4 – 2 capsules in the morning

      1 capsule in the afternoon

      1 capsule in the evening


Day 5 - 2 capsules in the morning

      2 capsules in the afternoon

      1 capsule in the evening


Day 6 - 2 capsules in the morning

      2 capsules in the afternoon

      2 capsules in the evening


Day 7 - 3 capsules in the morning

      2 capsules in the afternoon

      2 capsules in the evening


Day 8 - 3 capsules in the morning

      3 capsules in the afternoon

      2 capsules in the evening


Day 9 - 3 capsules in the morning

      3 capsules in the afternoon

      3 capsules in the evening


Continue 3 capsules – 3x/day for 2 months


After 2 months go down to 2 capsules – 2x/day


*Note – If someone has prescribed you a different probiotic, just add this one to it. If you want to make your own live cultures, use Body Ecology Culture Starter and make your own and eat some 3-5x/day. The most important probiotic for this is bifidus and Garden of Life has all 5 of the bifidus strains in it. Foods that naturally carry bifidus are cottage cheese, sour cream, cream fraiche, buttermilk, sauerkraut and kimchee. If the ingredients in a store-bought product have been pasteurized, it is 100 times less effective than if you make it yourself from raw organic ingredients. If you cannot afford or don’t have access to the probiotic supplement and cultures, use the store-bought products and it will still be effective if you use it 3-5 x/day consistently.


Electrolytes and Water

You need to be absorbing water so you can wash away the chemicals and rehydrate your system.


Log the amount of fluids you drink in a day and start adding a cup per day until you get to a minimum of 70 ounces. Children can stop at 70 ounces per day, adults can continue to increase to at least 100 ounces per day.


Electrolytes: The water must have the right electrolytes in it:

a.) EnerC – 1 packet – 4x/day (children 1 packet – 3x/day) or 2 packets – 2x/day

Start with 1 packet per day and add one until you get to 3 or 4 packets, depending on age.


Or b.) To make your own Bieler’s broth:

Add to a pot:   1 whole head celery

1 whole bunch of curly parsley

1 cup green beans

Fill with filtered water to cover the veggies, boil, drink 2 cups a day minimum.


Or c.) Also – any potassium powder or capsules – 200 mg – 3 or 4x/day depending on how you feel


Or d.) A combination of all 3 ways to get electrolytes. Start with 800 mg of Potassium a day minimum for adults, 400-600 mg           for children.


***Very important – if you have kidney issues or heart issues start very small and increase very carefully. Stop increasing the minute it doesn’t feel good. Also run it by your doctor to make sure it doesn’t react with or close to any medications.


Healthy Fats


Your glands are pumps and they run on good cholesterol. If you have trouble digesting good fats, I recommend adding NOW Brand Super Enzymes: Take one after each meal and then take your healthy fats:


Udo’s Oil 1 – 2x/day with food

Cod Liver Oil 1 – 2x/day with food

New Chapter WholeMega Salmon Oil or Krill Oil 1 – 1xday with food


Start small and add until you are taking at least the above 5 each day.


I take Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil plus Butter Oil capsules, and Green Pasture Skate Liver Oil capsules, and Neo-life Vitamin E, WholeMega salmon, 1 of each – 1x/day. I plan to add Udo’s Oil next.


Nerve Repair

Your healthy nerves are coated with myelin. Glyphosate exposure damages myelin and the best way to replace myelin is with lecithin/choline. There are easy, inexpensive ways to do this. This helps with general nervousness, nerve pain, neuropathy, or when your structure won’t stay aligned.


Make sure you get in choline 3x/day from:

  • Sunflower Lecithin – liquid or capsules or powder - We use the NOW brand Sunflower Lecithin, capsules or liquid (We stopped using the granules because they almost always are delivered in an inedible, rancid state.) Work up to 3 capsules 3 x/day with food. If you have trouble digesting fats, take 1 or 2 Now Super Enzymes with it. If you buy the NOW liquid, work up to 1 tablespoon, 2 x/day.

  • Sunflower Butter

  • Peanut Butter - Fresh ground peanut butter is more effective than peanut butter from a jar. I get fresh ground organic peanut butter at the store.

  • Egg yolks – two egg yolks per day

  • Sunflower Milk (soak 1 cup seeds in filtered water for 2 hours, rinse and strain, add soaked seeds and 1 quart water to blender, blend until you can’t see any whole seeds.) Drink 2 cups per day. I make my own sunflower milk using this recipe out of bulk organic hulled sunflower seeds.


I like egg yolks and peanut butter and sunflower milk so it is easy for me. I eat 1 or 2 soft boiled eggs a day and peanut butter once a day and some sunflower product once a day.


I put the liquid lecithin in peanut better with a little honey and sour cream and it tastes like dessert!

I also put the liquid lecithin in my smoothies.


This helps with lots of nerve and brain problems, toxic metal and chemical issues, and neuropathy.


Histamine Protocol

Check back – this will be added to web site soon


Histamine reaction to the glyphosate causes:


joint pain


weight gain

new allergies

skin problems

varicose veins

high blood pressure

circulation issues

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